Casco Systems Inc
Casco Systems Inc
security by design
  • ​​Engineered,  User Driven Solutions

      Casco Systems provides partnership with our clients by providing design, installation, service,  and support to seamlessly integrate innovative system solutions.                               

  • ​​​A History of Trust

    Casco Systems 44 year history is rooted in our pursuit of excellence.   
    Excellence in design.
    Excellence in response.
    Excellence in service. 
    We provide these exacting standards for many of the largest, and most well known, enterprises and institutions in the North America

  • Single-site  |  Multi-location  |  Enterprise

    Casco Systems on-premise security systems solutions provide superior, 
    advanced analytics to enable worry-free protection.

  • Security Operations Center 24/7/365 Protection

    Dedicated to protecting you and your business, our team provides standardized systems monitoring to next generation managed and hosted services and support, to ensure safety, security, and business continuity.



    Video Surveillance - Access Control - PIDS - Analytics - Fire Security - Environmental Systems Management

    Not all security solutions are created equal.  Casco Systems partners with your business to provide innovative integrations.  Our team can help identify problematic areas to ensure the best design, best coverage, and best solutions available.
  • PSIM - Analytics & Situational Awareness

    Applied software application, coupled with network security, allows optimized device integration, analysis, and end-to-end situation management and resolution.  

    Collecting and correlating events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc)  empowers personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations.

Focused Security Design

Casco Systems offers best-in-class technology applying design engineering, system implementation, technical management, and ongoing maintenance services specifically dedicated to meeting your industry's unique requirements.

Leading Technologies

Merging best-in-class security services and industry leading IoT technologies, Casco Systems delivers complete security solutions to meet  your organization's requirements - strategies and solutions that are as effective as they are cost-efficient.

Open Architecture Platforms

Working with your team,  Casco Systems develops a security program that offers the optimal level of protection for your critical points of operation, while preserving an uninterrupted business flow.  Continuity in daily operations is critical for you, and to us.