Casco Systems Inc
Casco Systems Inc
security by design

Design, Integration, and Automation

Partner with Casco Systems to provide design services for  a system applications that protect your people and your facilities. Our team is seasoned and experienced in design and integration of small site to large industry and multi-location enterprise systems.

Design Services

Partner with Casco Systems to provide security designs that protects the needs of your business. Our team is seasoned and experienced in design and integration for small site business to large industries and enterprise application.

Integrations Made Easy

Casco Systems focuses on creating seamless integrations that help our customers save time and effort:  combined access control, video, intrusion, visitor management, and security automation that will grow as your needs grow. 

Automation that Works

At Casco Systems, we understand the upside and the downside of facility management. We have enabled system design within workflow technology application, allowing automation flows that are easy to service, and simple to operate.  Automation with Casco Systems results in technology that works for you.   

Focus on Cyber Security

Casco Systems takes into consideration all aspects of security, including your cyber security and data sets.  Our experts follow industry standards to ensure cyber application workflows are constantly maintained.

Security Analysis

Utilize our extensive experience with utilities, petrochemical, processing, municipalities, oil & gas, hospitals, retail, manufacturing, national chains, small and enterprise businesses, etc., to provide a thorough security analysis on your facilities for suggestions and design recommendations.

Remote Managed Services

Keep overhead system costs low with cloud based infrastructure, minimizing expensive onsite system management.  Our team of experts provide a complete suite of cloud services, packaged with remote support services, for your business security needs to maximum up-time and availability.