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Casco Systems Inc
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Fire Protection & Evacuation 

Casco Systems' commitment to protecting your business starts with customizing your fire system to your business, your facility, and your unique needs, all following mandated requirements.  We are committed to ensuring your system is designed following NFPA and ADA requirements, protecting your people and property allowing for a quick evacuation and timely emergency response.

Intelligent Fire Detection

Life safety is too important to trust to chance.  Not all fire systems are created equal.  With Casco Systems Intelligent Fire Detection, stay proactive with advanced life safety fire detection in our centralized fire alarm control processors as well as self-testing, distributed sensors.  

Enterprise Fire Systems

We provide networked, enterprise fire protection solutions scale with organizational growth.  Our systems are engineered with advanced operations in mind, with centralized reporting and graphical mapping for simple ongoing operation for your team.

Notification & Voice Evac

Casco's Notification and Voice Evacuation Systems help streamline business emergency plans by decreasing response time and minimizing risk through emergency response preparedness.  We design our systems to augment your existing plans to ensure life safety is prioritized and the

Failover Reporting

Automation / Integration

Mass Notification