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Remote System Management

Leverage the power of managed services

Reduce Operating Costs

The transition to cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) will save you operating costs and the expense of maintaining onsite configurations of your security equipment.  Casco Security offers a range of cloud services, so be sure as your Casco Representative what you can benefit most from. 

System Management

Our experts at Casco Systems can maintain and provision your daily security needs, such as card access, intrusion system management, and more, saving your business time and management costs.  

Remote Support Services

Avoid boots on the ground service costs with reduced remote support pricing.  Our in-house team of experts provide remote support services for your business, whether it's a simple software training, remote diagnostics, or an advanced software upgrade.  

Our Focus is Security

Rest assured, our cloud based services use secure 256 bit AES encryption, so your data is secured against network sniffing both to you and in-between your security hardware.  Our expert support team also maintains a rigorous backup schedule and redundant backups, ensuring your data will not be lost.  Don't forget that our services are always updated and maintained, saving you the cost of service and onsite support personnel.

System Monitoring

Not all customers are able to utilize the cloud, so Casco Security offers network availability and integrity monitoring for security / IOT devices such as cameras, NVRs, switches, sensors, alarm panels, routers, and more.  The proactive service includes being contacted when a camera goes down, instead of calling Casco for service after video footage shows up missing.

Managed Updates

Our cloud services are patched and updated on a regular basis, along with firmware updates your onsite hardware.  We've made our cloud services easy to use and maintenance free for you, so your team will be able to focus on what matters most to your business.